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OCCT in brief...

Opel Club Cape Town is a Cape Town based car-club for Opel's only. We are also purely a social club, with members interested in legal racing, sound-off's & show n' shines. We strive to outshine the rest in being the friendliest and welcoming club in the city.

The club consists of 140+ active members - with more joining each week - headed up by an executive committee of 5 members. The club boasts an array of Opel's from the legendary Superbosses, tS's, CDs all the way up to the more recent Astra & Corsa OPC's, GTC's, Coupe's just to name a few. It is therefore, truly a breathtaking experience for an Opel enthusiast to be part of this club.

Headed up by the chairperson & a more than competent exec team, Opel Club host & attend a number of events / shows such as Dyno Day's, Sound-Off's / Show n' Shines, Breakfast Runs, Sunset Cruises, Park-Off's Car-Washes, Car-Club Display's, Charity Events etc.

Apart from this we host our hookups on the first Wednesday of each month at 19h00. We alternate our venues monthly, between Kenilworth Karting, 10 Myhof Rd, Claremont (at the back of Access Park in Kenilworth) & either one of our discount sponsors or we incorporate a Tech-Eve into the hookup which takes place at a car-related business / company. Keep an eye on the Opel Club Facebook page or your emails for the official details.

Our member meetings, starting at 19h30, are incorporated into these monthly hookups. This ensures that the members are well-informed about the happenings & upcoming events in the club. ALL are welcome at these hook-ups, even the non-Opel owner and is well-attended by members, friends and supporters of the club. The hookups are basically a get-together for all Opel enthusiasts.

I Wanna Join...

There is a joining fee of R270 for 12 months, as well as a renewal fee of R150 for another 12 months, calculated pro-rata at the end of each year. Included in your membership fee is a club golf-shirt, 2 club stickers as well as a membership card. An Opel Club cap, extra club apparel (ladies apparel included) & extra stickers can be purchased separately. An added benefit is our club's numerous Discount Sponsors. They offer their products / services at a discounted rate for Opel Club CT members.

Loads of technical advice & help is available as well (mostly via our forum) & fellow members & forum users are always willing to help out, if there is a problem with your vehicle.

Joining the club can be done by getting in touch with any exec member from Opel Club CT via email, or at any of our hookups or events.
Also feel free to check out our Facebook group

OCCT Charity...

We look after the doggies, the sick kiddies, the cold, the hungry.

Feel free to shed a tear or two.