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Straight-forward questions? Straight-forward answers here..vehicle-related of course
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Replacing Lower Control Arm Bushes

01 Nov 2018, 15:07

Apologies posted in the wrong section can a mod move this or do I need to delete ?

Hi Peeps

What is an average service fee for replacing lower control arm bushes if anyone can give me a guestimate would really appreciate it .

I need to have mine done and don't want to get ripped off as I have zero knowledge on cars or costs in general for these sorts of repairs.

On another note how do i know what motor my car has or is it printed on the car somewhere ?

Thx a stack guys :Kadett:

Re: Replacing Lower Control Arm Bushes

11 Dec 2018, 14:00

If you Cape Town you can swing by Suspension City they will be able to help with a good price

Re: Replacing Lower Control Arm Bushes

11 Dec 2018, 16:29

Thx for the reply Natrix

Already had it done for R1200.00 in Montague Gardens no idea if I got ripped off or not though.

Just replaced the disks and fitted new brake pads with new CV's boots old ones were leaking.

Parts cost both disks R500.00 brakes R490.00 ATE and labor cost me R500.

Seems fair could of bought cheaper brakes for R300 decided against it.
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